Additional Charges Explained

KY Telecom Tax/Gross Receipts Tax

The State of Kentucky assess various taxes on wireless communication services that Bluegrass Cellular provides. Applicable taxes are collected by Bluegrass Cellular and remitted to the State of Kentucky.

KY Lifeline Support

The Kentucky Lifeline Support fee helps to provide a credit to low-income residential customers' basic telephone service.

E911 Surcharge

Bluegrass Cellular collects a monthly 911 surcharge on behalf of the State of Kentucky and your local governments. State legislation imposes the amount, and Bluegrass Cellular's compliance with these charges is a legal requirement that helps to fund improvements to 911.

Universal Service Fund

The State of Kentucky has established Universal Service Funds to ensure affordable telecommunications service for all consumers in the state, especially residents in high-cost rural areas and low-income customers. Bluegrass Cellular is required to contribute to this fund by Federal Law.

Compliance Charge

This fee helps recover or defray the cost of taxes, governmental surcharges, regulations, and fees imposed on Bluegrass Cellular. These are Bluegrass Cellular charges, not taxes, and are subject to change.

Activation Fee

The activation fee is a fee for initiating service. This fee helps Bluegrass Cellular recover costs incurred with initiating new lines of service on mobile devices.

Upgrade Fee (Postpaid Subscribers)

The upgrade fee is charged when customers enter a 24 month financing or installment agreement.

Device Change Fee (Prepaid Subscribers)

The device change fee is charged upon making an Electronic Serial Number (ESN) change to your account.

Last updated on 6/4/2019