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Q: How can I get in touch with someone at Bluegrass?


Please feel free to contact us with your questions by calling either 1-800-928-CELL or *611 from your Bluegrass Cellular phone. Or, you can use the website to chat with a live representative who is ready to assist you.

Q: Can I add features later if I don't choose them now?


Yes, you can contact our customer support team or visit your local Bluegrass Cellular store to make changes to your account at any time.

Q: If I am eligible, can I upgrade my device online?


Yes, please visit your account management tool to do this.

Q: How do I move or transfer my information from one device to another?


So you want to upgrade your phone but need to transfer all your information? No problem. There are a number of apps you can use to transfer your data, files, and apps to your new device. We recommend this list of apps that are free and pretty easy to use; Copy My Data, Move tot IOS, Apple Quick Start, Samsung Smart Switch and the Smart Transfer App.

1. Copy My Data
• You can transfer your contacts, calendar, photos and videos.
• Available for both Android and iPhone.
• Make sure to download the app to both devices.
• Copy My Data will guide you through the process in a few easy steps.

Please ensure that both devices are connected to the same WiFi network and that the network is not configured to prevent the devices from communicating. Most home networks allow connected devices to communicate, however, some corporate and public networks may be configured to prevent this.
Click here to download Copy My Data from Google Play Store. Click here to download Copy My Data from the App Store.

2. Move to iOS
• Download the Move to iOS app from the Google Play Store and it securely transfers your content for you — everything from photos and videos to contacts, messages, and Google Apps.

Click here to download Move to iOS from the Google Play Store.
Click here to learn more about making the Move to iOS.

3. Apple Quick Start
With Quick Start, you can set up a new iOS device quickly using information from your current device. Then you can restore the rest of your data and content to your new device from your iCloud backup.
• Turn on your new device and place it near your current device that's using iOS 11 or later.
• The Quick Start screen appears on your current device and offers the option of using your Apple ID to set up your new device.
• Make sure that it's the Apple ID that you want to use, then tap Continue. If you don't see the option to continue on your current device, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on. Click here for help with Apple Quick Start

4. Samsung Smart Switch
Whether you are switching from iPhone to a Galaxy phone or need to transfer data from Android to a Galaxy phone, upgrading to a Galaxy smartphone is done in one seamless move with Smart Switch. This App can transfer contacts from iPhone, move your photos from Android, and make sure your music, videos, calendar events and apps are all on your new Galaxy phone. Smart Switch will also transfer your data and device settings.
• Smart Switch allows you to choose your method of transfer via WiFi, USB, from PC and you can backup using an external storage.
Click here to download Samsung Smart Switch from Google Play Store.
Click here to learn more about Samsung Smart Switch?

5. Smart Transfer App
Smart Transfer App allows you to easily transfer content & manage data on the your new device. Supports all major smartphone platforms - supporting file transfer & data transfer over the hotspot & Wi-Fi. Smart Transfer App guides you through a simple transfer process for multiple content types such as contacts, calendar, photos, videos, reminders, music and What's App Chats.
Click here to download Smart Transfer from the App Store
Click here to download Smart Transfer App from Google Play Store?

For more assistance feel free to visit your local Bluegrass Cellular store for details and assistance with transferring your information to a new device.

Q: How long is the financing period?


With our Freedom Expanded financing, you can finance your device for 30 months.

Q: Can I finance a new device?


For qualified customers, we offer our Freedom Expanded program that allows customers to finance their devices and take advantage of cheaper rate plans.

Q: Do you offer any in-home security protection?


You can now monitor your home and business as easily as you can send a text message. Samsung SmartThings is reliable, affordable and a completely wireless ecosystem for monitoring your home you can easily install yourself. The product is self-monitored, meaning users can control everything – including arming and disarming the alarm – directly from their mobile devices. For more information regarding Security Solutions features and pricing, visit your nearest customer care location, call 1-800-928-CELL or dial *611 from your Bluegrass Cellular device.

Q: Why do I need insurance coverage for my wireless phone?


The statistics may surprise you! Assurant Solutions estimates 49 million wireless phones will be lost or stolen this year in the United States, and millions more will be damaged. If your phone is one of them and you don’t have this coverage, you could pay much more than your original investment to have it repaired or replaced. What’s more, most traditional insurance policies may not cover wireless phones. If they do, the deductible alone may be much more than the cost to replace or repair your phone. That’s why so many customers are taking advantage of equipment insurance protection, created to protect your wireless phone.

Q: How can I get enrolled in the equipment insurance program offered by Bluegrass Cellular?


You're eligible to enroll in our equipment insurance program within 30 days after your purchase and activation of a new phone on the Bluegrass Cellular network.

Q: What should I do before I file my claim for lost or stolen phones?


Please call 1-800-928-2355 to suspend your wireless service to prevent any unauthorized use of your phone if the phone has been lost or stolen. Please note, you will need to file a police report for all stolen phones.

Q: How do I make an equipment protection claim or inquire about an existing claim?


For any questions about equipment protection, please call Assurant Solutions toll-free at 1-888-352-9183.

Q: What is the deductible if a claim is filed and approved?


Your non-refundable deductible will be $50 - $175 depending on your device. The deductible will be billed directly to your Bluegrass Cellular Invoice.

Q: What is covered under equipment protection?


Equipment protection protects against accidental physical damage, theft, lost and mechanical or electrical failure once the manufacturer’s warranty expires. A copy of the coverage documents, with complete details regarding benefits, exclusions, and deductible, will be mailed to you when you enroll in this program. ** Certain types of wireless phones may not be insurable under Assurant Solutions

Q: How long will it take to receive my replacement equipment?


If your claim is approved, your non-refundable deductible will be billed to your Bluegrass Cellular bill. Assurant will ship the same or a comparable phone within 2-3 business days, based on equipment availability. For an additional fee, you can choose to have your replacement phone expedited.

Q: Will replacement equipment be exactly the same as the original?


Be assured that we will make every reasonable effort to replace the exact model - either new or reconditioned - of your original phone. If one isn’t available, we will replace your phone with a model of similar like, kind and quality and will inform you during the claim process if this is the case. All damaged equipment or recovered lost or stolen equipment, becomes the property of Assurant. A prepaid label and instructions will be included with the replacement equipment for return. On approved claims for accidental damage and mechanical breakdown, you will be required to return the device to Assurant or pay a fee of up to $300.

Q: How can I determine the manufacturer and model of my equipment?


The make and model of your wireless phone can be located on the box the phone came in or on your original sales receipt.

Q: Why do I need to provide an email address for status updates?


We need your email address to give you with important information on the status of claims, such as when it's approved, when your phone was shipped, and a tracking number to help you locate the status of your package.

Q: What is number porting?


It is a government-mandated program that allows customers to keep their cellular number when switching from one carrier to another within the same geographic area. Take this opportunity to bring your number to Bluegrass Cellular where you’ll enjoy the best coverage in Central Kentucky. That means fewer dropped calls and dead spots.

Q: How do I port a number over to Bluegrass from another carrier?


Bluegrass Cellular wants your porting experience to be easy. When you’re ready to switch to Bluegrass Cellular, simply follow these steps. - First, you must contact us to provide the number you want to transfer over. If you're a Nextel customer, you must contact Nextel to remove the number block before continuing. If you're a Sprint customer, you must provide your PIN. Bluegrass Cellular will verify if the number can be ported, your number must reside inside of the Bluegrass Cellular defined service area. - Next, you'll be asked if your service is still active with your current service provider. If it has been disconnected, it's too late for porting to take place. - Then, you'll select a phone and rate plan that fits your specific needs. A Bluegrass Cellular Customer Care Associate will be happy to help you select one that’s best for you. - The Customer Care Associate will fill out a customer service agreement, and a credit check will be processed. - The porting process can take from 3 hours to 5 business days depending on the carrier you are porting from. During this timeframe, you can schedule a time to come back and for the port to complete. - Once the porting process is complete, you can return to the Bluegrass Cellular store and complete the activation process. - And now, you can finally start enjoying the convenience of being a Bluegrass Cellular customer. For other information regarding local number portability visit the Federal Communication Commission’s site at

Q: How do I connect my phone to the Bluetooth in my car?


Set the Bluetooth in the car to “pairing mode,” “find device” or “add a device.” Clicking the phone button in the car usually can do this, or your vehicle manual can help walk you through it. Once you've completed that step, you'll want to activate Bluetooth on the phone so it's discoverable. Search for Bluetooths in the area, and your vehicle Bluetooth should display on your phone. Select the vehicle Bluetooth and you'll be successfully paired.

Q: My car doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth, what are my options?


Bluegrass Cellular offers many different Bluetooth speakers, headsets and earpieces that provide hands-free access for cars without Bluetooth.

Q: Is there a law against talking and texting on your phone while driving?


All drivers under 18 years of age are banned from cell-phone usage while driving a vehicle. Texting while driving is illegal in most states for drivers of all ages.

Q: Can I control when my children use their data/phones?


iPhones have a feature within the settings that allows parents to toggle certain restrictions. Bluegrass Cellular’s Parental Controls will allow you to monitor all usage and limit inbound text usage on your children’s phones.

Q: Can I locate my children by using GPS on their devices?


Yes, with Parental Controls and/or iCloud. Android users can go to to track and lock their phones, as well as have their phones ring.

Q: Who can access my iCloud pictures or information?


Only individuals with your log-in and password information can access information in iCloud.

Q: What is Jailbreaking?


Jailbreaking is removing manufacturer or carrier restrictions from a device, unlocking all settings and security features. This can void your manufacturer warranty.

Q: How do I access my Account?


You can access your account via your account management tools.

Q: Can I add devices or modify my plan online?


Yes, this can be done via the Account Management Tools.

Q: Does Bluegrass offer paperless billing?


Yes. You can manage this setting in your account settings.

Q: What are Bluegrass's early termination fees?


If you choose to terminate your contract early for any reason, you'll be liable for: -Liquidated damages of $150 per cellular number for non-smartphone devices (feature phones and wireless internet devices), pro-rated by $4 per completed month of the plan. - $325 per cellular number for smartphone voice and data services, pro-rated by $10 per completed month of the plan. For college students going to college outside of our home coverage area, the fee is $50 with a valid proof of move.

Q: Can I use my device as a mobile hotspot?


Yes, if you have a tethering plan or a 4G device you can use your phone as a mobile hotspot.

Q: How will I know when I'm out of minutes, texts or data?


When you activated your phone, you gave us an email address or text contact number — or both. When you've reached 80% of the total plan / feature usage, you'll receive an alert from us. We'll send a second alert once you've reached the full 100% of the total plan / feature usage.

Q: What's your Return Policy?


You can return items you've purchased within 14 days. As long your purchase is in acceptable condition, with all original packaging and accessories. Subject to $35 restocking fee for handsets and $70 for tablets.

Q: When will my order ship?


If you purchase an item on Monday – Thursday your items will ship the same day. On Friday or over the weekends, items will ship the next business day.

Q: I didn't receive a confirmation email. What do I do?


Please contact us with your questions by calling either 1-800-928-CELL or *611 from your Bluegrass Cellular phone. Or you can use the website to chat with a live representative who is ready to assist you.

Q: Can I buy from Bluegrass if I don't live in Kentucky?


If you do not live in Kentucky, you can purchase accessories. At this time, you will not be able to purchase devices and plans.

Q: How can I get troubleshooting help on my device?


Like having your own technical wizard right on your device. Pocket Geek runs background diagnostics, troubleshoots small issues and shows you how to address common concerns and make minor adjustments on your own. If additional help is needed, just one tap and your call will be routed to a dedicated Pocket Geek Agent at Bluegrass Cellular®. Plus, via the app or the web portal, you can access our comprehensive Knowledge Base and How-to Video Library. Pocket Geek is available for either iOS or Android devices. Please go to the Apple or Google site to download the version of Pocket Geek for your phone.

Q: If I become a Bluegrass customer, what can I do in the account management area?


In your account you can view your usage, edit your plan, pay your bill and upgrade your devices. You can also edit your account and communication preferences.

Q: How do I return a device or accessory I purchased online?


To return your device, please visit your nearest retail location within fourteen business days of purchase.

Q: How do I activate my phone if I buy it online?


A guide will be shipped with your device giving you specific instructions on how to activate your device. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 1-(800)-928-CELL or 1-(800)-928-2355.

Q: How do I recycle my device?


You can recycle your used devices at a Bluegrass Cellular store near you. Your device may be eligible for trade-in value toward a new device.

Q: Someone gave me a device. Can I use it with Bluegrass service?


Bluegrass Cellular does have plan options available to activate most devices purchased at another location. Bring your device to a bluegrass Cellular store near your home and let a customer service professional guide you to the right plan for you.

Q: How do I access my ringback tones?


Callers will listen to a song or voice clip while waiting for you to answer the phone, instead of a ringing sound. Each ringback tone can be used for up to 6 months. All charges will appear on your Bluegrass Cellular bill. Click here to access our ringback tone catalog.

Q: How do I access my pictures online?


Click here for online picture pickup.

Q: How do I access the my Bluegrass Phone Cloud?


Phone Cloud is a great way to backup contacts, media, and text message all in one easy application. Compatible with Android and iOS, you don’t have to worry about losing the information on your phone if you switch to a new phone – you can restore the information back to the new phone just as easily as backing it up. Click here to access your cloud.

Q: What is AppleCare?


Most Apple hardware comes with a one-year limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary telephone technical support. To extend your coverage further, purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan or AppleCare+. To learn more, please click here.

Q: What are usage notifications?


Usage notifications allows customers to receive notifications when they reach certain voice, text and data thresholds. Alerts will be delivered via text message and/or email to help customers avoid unexpected overage charges. To opt-out call 1-800-928-CELL or *611 from your Bluegrass Cellular device.

Q: What if I need assistance with my voicemail?


If you need assistance with your voicemail box, please do not hesitate to let us help. You can call us at 1-800-928-CELL (2355) or by dialing *611 from your Bluegrass Cellular phone. You can also contact us via Chat by Clicking Here, or Email us Here.

Q: I read that Home Internet service requires renting a router; what if I don’t rent my router?


Any router you previously purchased from Bluegrass Cellular will still work with the new Home Internet plans. If your old router is no longer performing properly, you may want to rent a new one to take full advantage of the new plans. We recommend the rental process as this allows you to trade in the equipment with no strings attached should a problem occur, but you can still purchase the router outright at cost. To learn more call 1-800-928-3255 or visit

Q: How do I return my rental modem/router?


It is easy to return your equipment if you plan to change service or if it no longer functions properly. All returns must be delivered to a Bluegrass Cellular store within 7 days of changing service or if the equipment no longer functions properly. Or, you can contact customer service at 1-800-928-2311 for more details. All equipment, accessories, and user instructions must be returned in original package. Failure to return the equipment in a timely manner will result in an additional fee. Learn more at

Q: What can I do to reduce my data usage at home and on my phone?


Here are some ways to reduce data usage at home.

1. Switch to a "light" version of your preferred browser.

2. Download music and videos instead of streaming.

3. Do you have Unlimited data on your phone? If you do turn off wi-fi on your phone.

4. Make sure all streaming devices and apps are turned off, and autoplay is disabled when not in use.

5. Use a lower quality setting when streaming YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon. Don’t stream Ultra HD/4K media if you don’t have a 4K TV.

6. Make sure your router is secured with a password. You don’t want anyone else using your wi-fi without your permission. Learn more, For assistance call Customer Care at 1-800-928-CELL (2355).

Q: How do I optimize my router for wi-fi coverage at home?


Our routers are designed to be at the center of the main floor of your home, where most of your connected devices will be. Below is a list of other ways you can optimize for wi-fi internet at home.

1. Do place your router near a window, being careful to avoid very hot and humid areas, placing equipment near metal objects, mirrors, and microwaves.

2. Sometimes the router’s signal is not powerful enough to reach every part of your house. You might add a wi-fi extender antenna to the outside of your home. The antenna will increase the signal going to your router. You might also consider adding a signal booster. Our routers work nicely with wi-fi boosters. These types of devices blanket your home with the extra connectivity you need. Contact your Bluegrass representative for more information about our boosters and extenders. Learn more, For assistance with your router call Customer Care at 1-800-928-CELL (2355).

Q: How do I get Qustodio Digital Parenting Assistant?


Call Customer Support and ask them to add Qustodio Digital Parenting Assistant to your plan. Qustodio is available for $6.99 per month for Essential, Unlimited, and Unlimited Advantage plans. For more information go to For more information go to or call Customer Support at 1-800-928-CELL or *611 from your Bluegrass Cellular phone.

Q: How do I configure my Qustodio?


1. Once you have signed up for Qustodio Digital Parenting Assistant from Bluegrass Cellular, you will get a confirmation email that contains an activation code and link to download the app. Download Qustodio on to your device and enter the activation code then set your username and password. Next, you will be taken to your Family Portal.

2. Once you have logged in to your family portal, you can add profiles for each user and devices. To add a device to a profile, select Add Device. Add Qustodio to any device you would like to monitor and follow the prompts where it asks you “Is this a parental device or a child’s device? Yes/No” Once you have added a device it will show up in the family portal, and you can then add it to the user profile. Remember, Qustodio allows for multiple profiles and multiple device monitoring.

3. Make sure to discuss using Qustodio with your family before installing the apps. Qustodio allows for discrete background monitoring. In the family, portal go to devices, select the device you want to hide, select device settings, select the Hide Qustodio on this device check box.

4. Many parents have greater success by introducing their family to Qustodio early when children are just beginning to develop their digital use habits. Talk to your children about internet safety and setting boundaries. The goal is to create a safe, and productive, digital environment for your family. With Qustodio you can monitor and track your child's online activity. Block dangerous sites and protect kids from online bullying. For assistance with configuring Qustodio on your devices contact Customer Support at 1-800-928-CELL..

Q: What is PlayOn Cloud?


PlayOn Cloud is DVR for streaming. When you select a video in the PlayOn Cloud app, we start a stream on a virtual PC in the cloud and record that stream like a DVR records cable TV. Once that recording is complete, an .mp4 file will be ready for you to enjoy. You can download the recorded.mp4 video file from the PlayOn Cloud app onto your mobile device. We also email you a download link to the video so you can download it from anywhere onto any device or computer.

When you watch your downloaded video through the PlayOn Cloud mobile app, it will ask you if you want to skip the commercials – hit yes and voilà, technology for the new way we watch TV. For assistance please call Customer Care at 1-800-928-CELL or *611 from your Bluegrass Cellular phone.

Q: How do I set up PlayOn Cloud on my smartphone?


Follow the steps below to get up and running with PlayOn Cloud, DVR for streaming.

1. Activate your account. If you requested PlayOn as your gift you should have received an email with a custom link to activate your account.

2. Download and install the PlayOn Cloud app on your smartphone. PlayOn Cloud is available for Android and iOS. Please follow the link we provide so that your PlayOn Cloud account will be associated with your Bluegrass Cellular account. If you already downloaded and installed the standard app please uninstall and then install the app from the link we provided. Go to

3. Once you launch the PlayOn Cloud app, enter in your redemption code. Now you can log into your premium streaming channels like Hulu, Prime Video, or Netflix, and browse titles like you normally would.

4. Once you select a title simply hit record and that title will be added to your recording queue. PlayOn Cloud will automatically work through the titles recording them in real time just as your normal DVR would. When your recording is ready your video will automatically download to your device. Your recordings will be stored for 30 days unless you delete them so you can download them to any device to watch anytime, anywhere.

5. You can purchase more recording credits if you run out by using the special link in the app to buy more.

6. Click here for a video tutorial on using PlayOn Cloud.

Q: What happens to your existing in-home security equipment?


If you purchased and subscribe to our Axesstel Home Alert Service, we want to reassure you the service will continue.

Q: How do I backup my files and information on my phone or tablet?


You can save time by backing up your files before upgrading to a new phone. It is good to always have a back up in case your phone or tablet is lost or stolen. Here are a couple apps that make the backup process less time consuming when it is time for an upgrade. We recommend iCloud for iPhone or Google Drive for Apple or Android.

1. Backup Using iCloud
• Create your free Apple ID. Go to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud Backup.
• Turn on iCloud Backup. Simply sign in from any compatible browser like Safari to access any web versions of your favorite apps such as, Mail, and Notes and Photos. iCloud will automatically back up your iPhone daily when it is connected to WiFi, power, and locked. Any changes you make automatically show up on all your other devices.
• To perform a manual backup, go to settings > [Your Name] >iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups. To delete a backup, choose a backup from the list, then tap Delete Backup.
Click here to download iCloud from the App Store.
Click here learn more about iCloud.

2. Backup Using Google Drive
• Set up a Google account, install Google Drive and Google Photos. (Google is compatible with most smartphones including Android and iPhone.)
• Go to the Google Drive app, tap “+” at the bottom right of the screen then tap “Upload”. Google Drive lets you Organize your files like a normal file browser.
• Access all your files anytime via the cloud. Install Google Dive and Google Photos on your new device, navigate to your files then tap “Download”.

Click here to download Google Drive for Android from Google Play.
Click here to download Google Photos for Android from Google Play.
Click here to download Google Drive from the Play Store
Click here to download Google Photos from the App Store

Still need more help?Click here to learn more about Google Drive.