Bluegrass Unlimited

Bluegrass Unlimited

Where we continually strive to provide you:test

  • Quality network
  • Local and Nationwide coverage
  • Straight-forward plans

Unlimited and Unlimited Advantage Plans qualify for Bundle Options.

Choose one of the following options:

  • Pandora Plus
  • DVR for Streaming-PlayOn
  • Digital Parenting Assistant-Qustodio
  • Hulu (Unlimited Advantage Only)


Included with this plan:

  • Unlimited Talk, Text & Data

  • Unlimited Mobile Hotspot


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Your unlimited plan:
Essential After 10GB/ linespeeds may reduce2
Unlimited After 20GB/ linespeeds may reduce2
Unlimited Advantage After 25GB/ linespeeds may reduce2
line 1
line 2
line 3
line 4+
Cost per line:


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*Pricing reflects $10 autopay & paperless discount1 applied.

1PRICING: Pricing of service plans (excluding add-ons) reflects $10 per line discount available only to customers that agree to automatic payments and paperless billing. $25 activation/upgrade fee applies. Pricing of “Essential,” “Unlimited,” and “Unlimited Advantage” service plans include a single phone device access fee. Actual device access fees vary depending on type and number of device, up to $45/phone, $20/advanced connected device, and $10/basic connected device. Where customer’s smart phone is subject to a 24/36-Month Contract, plans may be subject to additional $20 per line monthly access fee. See Terms and Conditions for details.

2DATA: “Essential”, “Unlimited”, and “Unlimited Advantage” plans are subject to data speed reductions after monthly 4G data allotment. All data usage above the applicable “Essential” or “Unlimited” 4G data allotment described herein shall be provided at speeds up to 512Kbps. All data usage above the applicable “Unlimited Advantage” 4G data allotment described herein shall be provided at speeds up to 1Mbps. “Essential” monthly 4G data allotment: 10GB per line. “Unlimited” monthly 4G data allotment: 20GB per line. “Unlimited Advantage” monthly 4G data allotment: 25GB per line. “3GB Plan” is subject to $15/GB data overage charges for any data usage over 3GB/month. Availability, speed, and other limitations apply to all data and internet services. See Terms and Conditions and Bluegrass Cellular’s Internet Service Policies and Disclosures for details.