Spartan GoCam

The Spartan GoCam™ wireless outdoor surveillance camera is ideal for hunting and scouting, wildlife research and other surveillance applications. Spartan GoCam captures motion or timer-triggered images, then immediately sends them to your email or to your cell phone as MMS messages. This means you're able to view the pictures right away--not hours or days later. The wireless camera is easy to set up, and the complete water-resistant seal and camouflage design make it perfect for outdoor use.


Cloud Access*

Requires Product Registration on


No need to Plug-In

Requires 4,8, or 12 AA Alkaline Batteries


Local Back-Up

Requires an SD Card up to 32GB; Class 10 Recommended [Not Included]


*Days available varies based off of memory used; Pictures may last 30 days, while videos may only last 7 days.

Device Payment:


Legal. Restrictions may apply. Learn more.