LG G8X ThinQ™ Dual Screen

Up Your Game with LG G8X ThinQ™ Dual Screen

Multi-task like never before. Now you can do more, quickly and easily, without toggling back and forth between apps. When it comes to seeing your world in vibrant color and clarity, two is better than one. Get the ultimate view on two 6.4” expansive OLED displays. Game while researching strategies, conspiring with others and leveling up characters. With the LG Game Pad1, get a complete view of your game on one screen and a full controller on the other. Choose from multiple virtual controllers or design your own to match your game play needs and style. Hear it all with deep DTS:X 3D stereo audio experience2.


Harness the power of two screen flexibility while having the freedom to choose one. Enjoy viewing movies3, videos and sports while checking off your to-do list, navigating, researching, communicating and more across 2 screens. Simply detach the second screen when you want to go minimal. Engineered for versatile viewing, you can lock the dual screen in place at any angle. Fold it like a laptop, flip it over like a tablet, or lay it flat like a book.


1Compatible with games that support Bluetooth® controllers.

2Wired headphones or speakers required.

3Simultaneous multi-tasking subject to streaming app compatibility.

Hearing Aid Compatible


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