Car Wi-Fi Hotspot - AnyData OBD2 Modem

Connecting with your car is made simpler with this easy-to-use and install module.  Whether you’re monitoring your vehicle’s health or providing connectivity for up to 5 additional devices or passengers, the Delphi Connect with 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot is a great way to combine convenience and connectivity with the speed and reliability of the Bluegrass Cellular network.


-Connect up to 5 Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as laptops, tablets, cameras, and phones.
-Mobile and web-based key fob application allows you to lock/unlock doors, open your trunk, and start/stop your engine with the push of a button*
-Use your smartphone within 30 feet of your vehicle and Bluetooth will automatically engage for a faster response time.
-Compatible with most vehicles (cars, light trucks, SUV’s, and mini vans) sold in the U.S. after 1996.
-Receive and diagnose vehicle diagnostic codes before visiting the mechanic.
-Monitor location, speed, and trip statistics with and receive optional email/text alerts and reports.
-Added as another line of service on your Bluegrass Cellular bill

* Feature based on vehicle compatibility

Device Payment:


Legal. Restrictions may apply. Learn more.