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SmartThings Starter Kit - Wifi + Outlet

Get your smart home started quickly with our two-in-one SmartThings Starter Kit – Wifi + Outlet.


The SmartThings Wifi adds smartness and connectivity to your home as a powerful wi-fi mesh router while also functioning as a Hub, allowing you to ‘talk’ to all of your connected devices and get started with your SmartThings smart home system. Multiple SmartThings Wifi routers can be paired together to make sure your whole home is covered with reliable signal and speed. Plus, your SmartThings Wifi learns your home and will optimize performance for a powerful experience no matter the device being used.


Pair the Wifi with SmartThings Outlet and watch your smart home come to life. The Outlet is used to control lights, electronics, and small appliances. Plus, it can be used in conjunction with other connected devices through the SmartThings app to automate your electronics to turn on or off when doors are opened, when there’s activity in your home and more.


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