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Field Notes Flight Log

Field Notes memo books have appeared regularly in videos and posts at, the online home of former Mythbusters host, and all around good guy, Adam Savage, and it’s rewarding to know that America’s top SFX-science-tech-nerds find them useful. So when Adam posted a video about his quadcopter gear, and unveiled a home-made Field Notes notebook he’d customized for logging flights, we immediately wrote to cofounders Will Smith and Norman Chan to offer our services.


Our Flight Log has space for 23 flights’ worth of data, including locations, weather, frequencies, battery usage, and much more, including pre-flight, launch, and post-flight checklists. There’s space to record the specs of your UAS and room for notes. Inside the back cover, you’ll find common-sense flight guidelines. Whether you’re a hobbyist, photographer, videographer, or flying law enforcement or military missions, you can count on these books to keep your flights organized.


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