What is Battles in the Bluegrass?
Battles in the Bluegrass is an ongoing initiative from Bluegrass Cellular that gives local high schools the chance to compete in featured football games. By participating in Battles, each school is awarded $750, as well as the chance to compete for the $2,000 end-of-season prize, "Play of the Season."

Bluegrass Cellular promotes each Battle by reaching out to local media, fans and the community to generate as much excitement as possible. As a result, the games become pep rallies for the entire community with halftime activities, fan-appreciation giveaways and fun Battles Gear.

Following each Battles Game, Bluegrass Cellular selects one outstanding play from each team’s highlight reel. The videos are uploaded to the Battles in the Bluegrass web pages and Bluegrass Cellular’s Facebook page. Fans can watch the featured plays and cast their votes by selecting "Like" or "Love" on the video post as directed on the Bluegrass Cellular Facebook page. The winners of each game go on to compete in the semi-final and final rounds. The final winning school takes home $2,000, as well as the coveted title of "Play of the Season."

How does it benefit students and schools?
Strong athletic programs build successful student athletes. The Battles program is an initiative to strengthen and grow local high school athletic programs, ultimately helping student athletes achieve the athletic scholarships needed to reach higher levels of education and success.

How are teams selected?
When the high school football season schedules are announced, Bluegrass Cellular teams up with the Sporting Times to select the top must-see games of the season. The selection committee takes a variety of factors into consideration, including school history and location, team ranking and past Battles participation. If your school is interested in participating in Battles, contact us here.

Who is Bluegrass Cellular?
Bluegrass Cellular is a regional wireless service provider headquartered in Elizabethtown, Ky. In addition to its 4G LTE nationwide network, the company provides its customers with the innovative technology they expect from a nationwide carrier, as well as the quality customer care they deserve from a local business.

Founded in 1991, Bluegrass Cellular remains committed to expanding opportunities in the communities it serves. Each year, Bluegrass sponsors community events and philanthropic programs like the Blue`grass Cellular Scholarship and "Don't Miss the Bus," both of which help financially disadvantaged students achieve higher levels of academic success.