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Important Update on COVID-19

Qustodio and Bluegrass Cellular Partner to Bring Best in Class Digital Safety and Wellbeing to Families Across Kentucky

Bluegrass Cellular Awards Scholarships to Local College-Bound Students

Bluegrass Cellular Awards Scholarships to Local College-Bound Students

KY (Jun 04, 2019)

Bluegrass Cellular announces the scholarship recipients of the 2019 Bluegrass Cellular Scholarship Program.

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Q: Whats an “AMBER Alert?”


An AMBER ( America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response) Alert is a notification tool used by law enforcement to quickly respond to the abduction of a minor child taken under serious, life-threatening circumstances. AMBER alert notifications are activated on smartphones by default and are only shown on smartphones in the immediate area.

Q: How do I deactivate AMBER alerts?


They can be turned off within the phone settings. Check with the manufacturer of the device or visit a Bluegrass Cellular store for deactivation assistance.

Q: What are the benefits of working at Bluegrass?


Working at Bluegrass Cellular pushes you to do your best, work hard and contribute to our team. It also gives you an opportunity to learn, grow and be an integral part of our company’s success. You will have the opportunity to become involved with your community and work closely with caring, compassionate individuals. You will see why Bluegrass Cellular was named a Best Place to Work in Kentucky in 2014, 2015 and 2016. In addition, you will work in an environment which will encourage you to use your skills and knowledge to flourish while you work alongside others who are providing our customers with the best possible customer service around. We offer excellent benefits that include health/dental/ vision, 401K, discounted wireless products/services, and more! Bluegrass Cellular is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Q: Do you offer internships?


Currently, we do not offer internship opportunities; however, we do offer a limited number of high school co-op positions for students who meet our qualifications. Contact to learn more.

Q: Do you have any open positions?


We are looking for customer-focused, innovative and driven professionals to join our team. Current positions available can be found at the following link:

Q: How can I get in touch with someone at Bluegrass?


Please feel free to contact us with your questions by calling either 1-800-928-CELL or *611 from your Bluegrass Cellular phone. Or, you can use the website to chat with a live representative who is ready to assist you.

Q: Does Bluegrass Cellular lock/unlock devices?


Bluegrass Cellular does not employ or direct the employment of disabling, or “locking,” software that would prevent its customers from attempting to activate a device designed for one carrier’s network on another carrier’s network.  If Bluegrass Cellular employs such software in the future, it will develop and publish an unlocking policy consistent with the principles set forth in the CTIA Consumer Code for Wireless Service.  Please note that although Bluegrass Cellular does not “lock” its devices, that does not necessarily mean that devices purchased for Bluegrass Cellular’s network are technologically compatible with other carriers’ networks.

Q: If I am eligible, can I upgrade my device online?


Yes, please visit your account management tool to do this.

Q: What type of hearing aid compatible devices does Bluegrass offer?


Bluegrass Cellular offers a variety of HAC phone models to meet the needs of wireless users with hearing disabilities. More information is available our support page

Q: Do you offer any in-home security protection?


You can now monitor your home and business as easily as you can send a text message. Samsung SmartThings is reliable, affordable and a completely wireless ecosystem for monitoring your home you can easily install yourself. The product is self-monitored, meaning users can control everything – including arming and disarming the alarm – directly from their mobile devices. For more information regarding Security Solutions features and pricing, visit your nearest customer care location, call 1-800-928-CELL or dial *611 from your Bluegrass Cellular device.

Q: Is there a law against talking and texting on your phone while driving?


All drivers under 18 years of age are banned from cell-phone usage while driving a vehicle. Texting while driving is illegal in most states for drivers of all ages.

Q: Is mobile banking safe?


Discuss approved applications with your bank before entering any private information. Using your bank’s app will help protect your financial data, and most apps will automatically log you out after a certain amount of time. Be selective of where you conduct your mobile banking. Logging onto a banking website over public Wi-Fi is a security risk. Below are some tips for Mobile Banking users:

1. Set your phone to require a password to power on the handset or wake it from sleep mode.

2. Whether you’re using the mobile Web or a mobile app, don’t allow your phone to automatically log you in to your bank account. This will prevent free access to your money if your phone is lost or stolen.

3. Avoid sharing your password, account number, PIN, answers to secret questions or other such information. Don’t save this information anywhere on your handset.

4. Immediately tell your bank or mobile carrier if you lose your phone.

Although your information is not stored on your mobile device, we recommend you perform a factory reset before recycling or disposing.

Q: What do I do if my device is lost or stolen?


Contact your wireless carrier immediately. Apple and Android have options to wipe information from the devices. iPhone users can click here to find multiple options. Phones can be locked, tracked and erased if needed. Android users can go to Click here to track and lock their phones, as well as have their phones ring.

Q: As a parent, what type of controls do I have on my children’s phones?


Bluegrass Cellular offers a Parental Control App that allows you to limit received texts, analyze all text messages, set up contact rules and utilize a GPS Locator. The app also provides Activity Reports on all of a family’s phones. Click here for parental controls.

Q: Can I control when my children use their data/phones?


iPhones have a feature within the settings that allows parents to toggle certain restrictions. Bluegrass Cellular’s Parental Controls will allow you to monitor all usage and limit inbound text usage on your children’s phones.

Q: Can I locate my children by using GPS on their devices?


Yes, with Parental Controls and/or iCloud. Android users can go to to track and lock their phones, as well as have their phones ring.

Q: Who can access my iCloud pictures or information?


Only individuals with your log-in and password information can access information in iCloud.

Q: When will my order ship?


If you purchase an item on Monday – Thursday your items will ship the same day. On Friday or over the weekends, items will ship the next business day.

Q: I didn't receive a confirmation email. What do I do?


Please contact us with your questions by calling either 1-800-928-CELL or *611 from your Bluegrass Cellular phone. Or you can use the website to chat with a live representative who is ready to assist you.

Q: Can I buy from Bluegrass if I don't live in Kentucky?


If you do not live in Kentucky, you can purchase accessories. At this time, you will not be able to purchase devices and plans.

Q: How can I get troubleshooting help on my device?


Like having your own technical wizard right on your device. Pocket Geek runs background diagnostics, troubleshoots small issues and shows you how to address common concerns and make minor adjustments on your own. If additional help is needed, just one tap and your call will be routed to a dedicated Pocket Geek Agent at Bluegrass Cellular®. Plus, via the app or the web portal, you can access our comprehensive Knowledge Base and How-to Video Library. Pocket Geek is available for either iOS or Android devices. Please go to the Apple or Google site to download the version of Pocket Geek for your phone.

Q: If I become a Bluegrass customer, what can I do in the account management area?


In your account you can view your usage, edit your plan, pay your bill and upgrade your devices. You can also edit your account and communication preferences.

Q: How do I return a device or accessory I purchased online?


To return your device, please visit your nearest retail location within fourteen business days of purchase.

Q: How do I activate my phone if I buy it online?


A guide will be shipped with your device giving you specific instructions on how to activate your device. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 1-(800)-928-CELL or 1-(800)-928-2355.

Q: How do I recycle my device?


You can recycle your used devices at a Bluegrass Cellular store near you. Your device may be eligible for trade-in value toward a new device.

Q: Someone gave me a device. Can I use it with Bluegrass service?


Bluegrass Cellular does have plan options available to activate most devices purchased at another location. Bring your device to a bluegrass Cellular store near your home and let a customer service professional guide you to the right plan for you.

Q: Can I monitor my child's text messages?


The Text Messaging Controls solution provides you with a suite of value-added services for SMS and MMS messaging. Text Messaging Controls also provides subscribers with messaging personalization features and filtering controls. The Text Messaging Controls solution contains a Personalization Suite and a Control Suite, each with distinct features. Personalization Suite: allows for adding a personal signature to every message, setting up an “out of office” message, creating group distribution lists, receiving a carbon copy email of text messages sent or received, receiving emails of incoming text messages, and keeping text and multimedia messages stored online for future use. Control Suite: allows you to set up a Blocklist and Allowlist that blocks or accepts messages from mobile numbers, e-mail address and domain addresses, apply time-of-day restrictions and restrict international text messaging by blocking specific country codes. Click here for text controls.

Q: How do I block Robocalls on my device?


Use these built-in solutions to help protect yourself from robocalls.



Silence Unknown Caller prevents all the robocalls from ringing and disturbing you.

Requirements: Must update to iOS 13.

• Go to Settings
• Select Phone
• Locate ‘Silence Unknown Callers’
• Set the toggle to the ‘on’ position

Tip: Calls from unknown numbers are silenced and sent to your voicemail and appear in your recent calls list. If you are finding you can’t reach any friends or family who have iPhones, it may mean you have a privacy feature on your phone line which makes your calls show up as “unknown caller”. Follow this link for more information. LEARN MORE


Smart Call, Powered by Hiya, blocks and reports spam.


• Go to Call Settings
• Locate ‘Caller ID and spam protection'
• Set the toggle to the ‘on’ position

Tips: While it does not block every nuisance call, it will significantly cut their numbers down. When one slips through, report it so that number is added to the reputation database. Follow this link for more information. LEARN MORE

Other Android

Caller ID and Spam blocks and notifies you of known robocalls.

Requirements: Android 6.0 or later.


• Open your device's Phone app
• Tap More in the upper right had corner (three vertical dots)
• Select Settings
• Locate Caller ID & spam
• Set Caller ID & spam toggle to the ‘on’ position
• Optional: To stop spam calls from ringing on your phone, set the Filter suspected spam calls toggle to the ‘on’ position

Tip: Once set up, it catches suspected robocalls and sends them directly to voicemail. Follow this link for more information. LEARN MORE