Mobile Sense Tips

Mobile Sense: Hands Free

How do I connect my phone to the Bluetooth in my car? Set the Bluetooth in the car to "pairing mode," "find device" or "add a device." Clicking the phone button in the car usually can do this, or your vehicle manual can help walk you through. Once you have completed that step, you will want to activate Bluetooth on the phone so that it is discoverable. Search for Bluetooths in the area, and your vehicle Bluetooth should display on your phone. Select the vehicle Bluetooth and you will be successfully paired.

My car doesn't have built-in Bluetooth, what are my options? Bluegrass Cellular offers many different Bluetooth speakers, headsets and earpieces that provide hands-free access for cars without Bluetooth.

Is there a law against talking and texting on your phone while driving? All drivers under 18 years of age are banned from cell-phone usage while driving a vehicle. Texting while driving is illegal in most states for drivers of all ages.

Mobile Sense: Mobile Banking

Is Mobile Banking Safe? Discuss approved applications with your bank before entering any private information. Using your bank's app will help protect your financial data, and most apps will automatically log you out after a certain amount of time. Be selective of where you conduct your mobile banking. Logging onto a banking website over public Wi-Fi is a security risk. Below are some tips for Mobile Banking users:

  • Set your phone to require a password to power on the handset or wake it from sleep mode.
  • Whether you're using the mobile Web or a mobile app, don't allow your phone to automatically log you in to your bank account. This will prevent free access to your money if your phone is lost or stolen.
  • Avoid sharing your password, account number, PIN, answers to secret questions or other such information. Don't save this information anywhere on your handset.
  • Immediately tell your bank or mobile carrier if you lose your phone.

Can I safely recycle or dispose of my device if it has Mobile Banking on it? Although your information is not stored on your mobile device, we recommend you perform a factory reset before recycling or disposing.

Mobile Sense: Lost/Stolen Device

What if my device is lost or stolen? Contact your wireless carrier immediately. Apple and Android have options to wipe information from the devices. iPhone users can log onto to find multiple options. Phones can be locked, tracked and erased if needed. Android users can go to to track and lock their phones, as well as have their phones ring.

Mobile Sense: Parental Controls

As a parent, what type of controls do I have on my children's phones? Bluegrass Cellular offers a Parental Control App that allows you to limit usage, analyze text messages, set up contact rules and utilize a GPS Locator. The app also provides Activity Reports on all of a family's phones. Learn more at

Can I control when my children use their data/phones? iPhones have a feature within the settings that allows parents to toggle certain restrictions. Bluegrass Cellular's Parental Controls will allow you to limit usage on your children's phones as well.

Can I locate my children by using GPS on their devices? Yes, with Parental Controls and/or iCloud.

Mobile Sense: Phone Security

Are there any benefits of having a security lock on my phone? Yes, this protects personal information that may be stored on your phone, notes, email, pictures, text messages and Facebook.

Who can access my iCloud pictures or information? Only those with your log-in and password information.

How can I tell if there is spy software on my phone? Some spy programs work very well and can only be detected by expert analysis but, if your phone has several of the following signs, you may have cause for concern.

  • Odd phone behavior
  • Battery rundown
  • Phone shutting down
  • Background noise (static, clicking, beeping or voices)
  • Receiving unusual texts
  • Increased data usage

Always read the comments and reviews before downloading an app.

iPhones, thus far, are protected from spy software unless the phone has been Jailbroken.

What is Jailbreaking? Jailbreaking is removing manufacturer or carrier restrictions from a device, unlocking all settings and security features. This can void your manufacturer warranty.

How do I remove spy software from my phone? There are several apps available to help remove spy software. Another option is to back up your phone and then perform a factory reset. You can always stop by a local Bluegrass Cellular location where one of our friendly associates will assist you.

If you suspect you have spy software on your phone, avoid plugging the phone into your computer.

Mobile Sense: Features and Apps

What kinds of mobile safety apps are available for me to download? Which would you recommend?

There are quite a few safety apps available that can help with everything from driving behavior to parental controls. Click here for a list of our recommended safety apps.