How will I know when I am out of minutes, texts, or data?

At the time of activation, you provided us with either an email address, SMS contact number, or both. When you have reached 80% of the total plan/feature usage, you will receive a message alert from us. We will send a second alert once you have reached the full 100% of the total plan/feature usage.

How do I forward my calls to Voice Mail?

Forward ALL Calls
(every call goes to another number, no ring on your cell phone):
    1. Press *72
    2. Enter the 10 digit phone number where you want your calls to be transferred
    3. Press SEND or TALK
    4. Press END

To deactivate: Press *720 SEND, then END

Call Forward Busy
(there are 2 callers in your queue, a third call is then forwarded):
    1. Press *90#
    2. Enter the 10 digit phone number where you want your calls to be transferred
    3. Press SEND or TALK
    4. Wait for the tone
    5. Press END or hang up

To deactivate: Press *920 SEND, then END

Call Forward No Answer
(if voice mail is disabled):
    1. Press *92#
    2. Enter the 10 digit phone number where you want your calls to be transferred
    3. Press SEND or TALK
    4. Wait for the tone
    5. Press END or hang up

To deactivate: Press *920 SEND, then END

Call Busy and No Answer
    1. Press *71#
    2. Enter the 10 digit phone number where you want your calls to be transferred
    3. Press SEND or TALK
    4. Wait for the tone
    5. Press END or hang up

To deactivate: Press *710 SEND, then END






What are your early termination fees?

In the event of early termination for any reason, the customer shall be liable to Bluegrass Cellular for: liquidated damages of $150 per cellular number for basic and enhanced voice services, wireless aircards, and for wireless broadband; liquidated damages of $15 multiplied by the number of months remaining per Basic, Enhanced, or Basic & Enhanced data plan, up to a maximum of one hundred dollars $100; $325 per cellular number for smartphone voice and data services, pro-rated by $10 per completed month of the plan.For college students going to college outside of our home coverage area, the fee is $50 with proof of move.

Will I receive my messages while roaming outside the Bluegrass Cellular area?

Like many digital features, text messaging will work in some areas and not in others. You should be able to both send and receive text messages across the U.S., however we do not guarantee the ability to send or receive messages in any market.

What is the Lifeline Program?

The Lifeline/Link-Up program offers discounted cellular service to eligible low-income consumers who qualify. For more information, contact Customer Service here.

Will I receive Wireless AMBER Alerts™ when I'm traveling?

Typically, you will receive Wireless AMBER Alerts when you are out of your home coverage area, just as you receive text messages of any kind when you are traveling. In some instances however your text messages cannot be forwarded to your phone. Regardless of where you are, you will only receive Wireless AMBER Alert notices that pertain to the ZIP Codes you selected when you opted in.

How am I billed for my BREW® application downloads?

Every time you download an application your phone will ask you to agree to the application’s charge. This charge will appear on their next Bluegrass Cellular bill a line item, but will not specify the exact BREW® application that you downloaded. If you need that information, please call customer service at 1-800-928-CELL or dial *611 from your phone (free call).

If I have a Pay-As-You-Go account, can I use BREW® applications?

No, at this time we can only offer BREW® to customers signing a 1 or 2 year agreement.

What types of pricing options are available for BREW® applications?

There are various charges for downloading applications. Some applications may even have a free timed demo for you to use to see if you would like to purchase the application. Others may have use fees. Here is an example of a ringtone site with multiple use pricing:
  * $2.29 - 1 Use
  * $7.99 - 5 Uses
  * $10.79 - 10 Uses
The uses are stored on your phone, so if you don’t download all uses at the same time, you can log on and download remaining uses at a later time. Some applications may charge a subscription fee per month or may have a one-time unlimited use fee.

How am I billed for Mobile Web surfing?

Billing for web surfing is measured in units of Megabytes (MB) and Kilobytes (KB) for data sent from and received by your phone. There are 1,024 KB to 1MB. Packages are available (shown above) for Mobile Web service. Once you begin surfing, you are using your KB, and if you exceed your MB usage, you will be charged overage in KB. With data roaming, Mobile Web use is allowed while in an area that supports data usage. If you use the Mobile Web while roaming, data charges will apply to your package

What other services do you offer?

We’re glad you asked! Bluegrass Cellular also offers wireless aircard access, where you can purchase an aircard and data plan to access the internet from your laptop or computer on the go. In select areas across our coverage area, you can access 3G high-speed data, which makes surfing faster and easier. Now we’ve introduced nationwide data roaming on 3G (where available) to make traveling easier.

If you’re looking for a service with no contract or monthly bills, we offer Pay-As-You-Go cellular services. You can add airtime as you go or choose our local unlimited calling plan with local unlimited text messaging.

Other services we offer:

  * Stand-alone voice mail (if you only need voice mail for callers to hear/leave messages)
  * Voice Mail Plus (with more options like broadcast messaging lists)
  * BREW™ Ringtones, Games, Business Apps and more
  * Picture Messaging
  * Ringback tones (what callers hear while waiting for you to answer)
  * Mobile web surfing
  * PDA/Smartphone email, calendar and contact solutions
Stop by our store to find out more!

What charges appear on my bill?

Your bill will contain charges for monthly service (depending on price plan selected), airtime charges (if airtime minutes are exceeded), any applicable roaming charges, any optional feature charges (such as Voice Mail, Free Weekends, Detailed Billing, etc.), any applicable long distance charges (if calls are placed to areas outside of our home area), Universal Service Fund fees (USF), Federal, State and Local taxes. Airtime usage charges may not appear until subsequent bills due to reporting between carriers, and as a result, your bill may be slightly higher or lower than expected. The first bills will also include a one time $35 Service Activation Fee, if applicable. The first bills that customers receive also have a pro-rated charge for the first month’s actual usage. Although there is no fee to upgrade or downgrade your plan, plan changes can impact your bill. If your plan is upgraded there will be a pro-rate charge, which is the difference between the former price plan and the current price plan. This could also appear as a credit if the price plan is downgraded.
You will also see any MB/KB charges for any data features you have selected or monthly charges associated with any bundled feature packages you have chosen.

How do I report a stolen phone?

If your phone is stolen, contact the police immediately and get a police report. Next, inform Bluegrass Cellular Customer Service (1-800-928-CELL). Our after-hours stolen phone hotline number is (270) 352-7422.

What is Roaming?

Roaming is the term that is used when a customer of one cellular carrier, such as Bluegrass Cellular, leaves their home service area and goes into another cellular carrier’s service are Roaming charges vary among cellular carrier’s coverage areas. Bluegrass Cellular has roaming agreements with other cellular providers across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico . You can avoid roaming charges by selecting a nationwide plan. International Roaming is available for an additional charge.

I have night and weekend minutes on my BlueWorks® plan. What times do night and weekend minutes begin and end?

Night & weekend minutes nights are from 8 pm-5:59 am and weekends are from Friday 8 pm-Monday 5:59 am.  When you are within the Bluegrass home coverage area, all times are Eastern.

However, when you are traveling outside the Bluegrass Cellular home coverage area, the night/weekend times follow the time zone of the area from which you place the call. So for example, you would need to wait until 8pm Las Vegas time if you were in Las Vegas placing a call and trying to use night/weekend minutes instead of your regular plan minutes.

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