What is the charge to use Mobile Office?

BlueWorks Mobile Office is available for $39.95 per month for email and internet use. Mobile Office uses text messaging for setup; therefore a text messaging package must also be selected. If no text package is selected, outbound text messages will be billed at $.20 per message. Inbound text messages are free of charge.

How do I download Twitter® for my BlackBerry® smartphone?

In the BlackBerry® App World application on your device, search for Twitter® and open Twitter® for BlackBerry®. Click Download button.

To download BlackBerry® App World, in your BlackBerry® Browser:

  • Go to www.BlackBerry.com/AppWorld
  • Scroll down to the Download button and click it
  • Download Language from drop-down
  • Click Download button

Once complete, Twitter® will appear on the home screen of your BlackBerry® smartphone, in your Instant Messaging folder, or in your Downloads folder depending on your software version. Start adding friends and take advantage of the best mobile messaging experience available!

Click here for Tips & Tricks.

How do I purchase an MP3 from your site?

Amazon MP3 uses 1-Click ordering to make buying music quick and easy.  When you browse and find what you would like to purchase, upon the selection of a song or album you’ll need to set up an account (unless you already have one to log in with).  The music you buy from the Amazon MP3 store is charged to your default 1-Click payment method, which can be set up or updated in Your Account settings. 

Click “Buy” and after a simple one-time set-up for your payment method and downloading the Amazon MP3 Downloader program, your music downloads will start automatically. You may be asked to install the downloader. We recommend installing the application as it makes the download process much simpler.

1. Click on the title of the item you wish to buy to visit the song or album detail page.
2. To buy an entire album, click the Buy MP3 album with 1-Click button from the Album detail page.
3. To buy an individual track, click the Buy MP3 button to the right of the song name on the album detail page or click the Buy MP3 song with 1-Click button if you are on the song detail page.
4. Your purchase should download instantly. Check the status window of the downloader application to view the download progress.
Note: Amazon MP3 is currently only available for US customers.

How do I transfer the music that I downloaded to my phone by using a USB cable?

1. Plug one end of the USB Cord into the phone, and the other into the USB drive on you computer.
2. A window will pop up asking you what you want to do. Identify the name of the drive that popped up. It will be the name of your device.  For example BlackBerry: E
3. Locate and copy the file on your computer that you wish to transfer
4. Paste the file in a folder on the drive that popped up in step 2.
5. Your song should appear (be sure to check folders if present).

I downloaded the song/album I wanted. How do I transfer the music on my computer to a memory card so I can play it on my phone?

Using Windows Explorer to add music to the memory card from the computer
1. Insert card into your computer’s card reader
2. Click My computer
3. Find the name of your Card (usually the name of the manufacturer)
4. Open music player on your computer
5. Locate the song you wish to transfer to the memory card
6. Right click and select open file location
7. Right click and hover the mouse over send to then select the name of the memory card
8. Click My computer
9. Select the name of the Memory card
10. Your song should appear (be sure to check folders if present)

Can I play music on my phone?

Yes, if your phone has an MP3 music player on it, you can download your tracks and transfer them to your phone via USB or memory card and play music.

Will Bluegrass Cellular bill me for my music download purchases?

No, your purchases are handled by Amazon and are not reflected on your Bluegrass Cellular bill.

How do I set up the one click Payment method to purchase MP3s from your site?

Your 1-Click payment method can be set up with a credit or debit card issued by a U.S. bank with a U.S. billing address. You must first set up an account with Amazon, then select your payment method and enter the details.

What is DRM-Free Music and what does that mean?

The Amazon MP3 store allows you to search the catalog of millions of songs, browse by genre and price, view top sellers and new releases, and explore song, album, and artist pages.  DRM-Free means Digital Rights Management Free, and DRM-Free files can be moved to any device capable of playing an MP3, such as an MP3 player, wireless phone or computer.

Why isn’t my MP3 downloading?

In certain cases, anti-virus programs, firewalls, or your browser settings may prevent files from downloading. If you are using the Amazon MP3 Downloader, you may be able to launch the application and complete your download after adjusting your settings.

How can I get help or find more information about MP3 downloads?

Visit the Amazon website at http://www.amazon.com choos,e help at the top right menu bar, and select Amazon MP3 Music Downloads on the left side.  There, you will find a host of commonly asked questions and answers.  You can also contact Amazon by phone: the Amazon Automated customer service number is 1-866-216-1072.

How am I billed for Mobile Web Access?

You will need to select a Mobile Web plan, that gives you access to the Mobile Web menu and BREW® applications (if available on your phone):

We also offer bundled packages for access! Check out our rates.

How am I billed for picture messaging?

Picture Messaging goes hand-in-hand with Mobile Web due to the way your pictures are sent, so you must subscribe to one of the Mobile Web/BREW™ Access/Picture & Text Messaging Bundled Plans, which will appear on your bill each month.

How do I send my pictures to my Picture Messaging Scrapbook?

To use the Picture Messaging Scrapbook, you must first register your account on the BlueWorks® Picture Messaging website at http://www.bluegrasscellular.com by clicking Tools/ Picture Scrapbook Tool.

  • Open Scrapbook. First, click on REGISTER at the lower left hand side of the screen. You will enter your name, 10 digit phone number and email address. A text message will be sent to your phone with your password. You will have the opportunity to change the password after you first log in, and if you ever forget it, another text message will be sent with your new password.
  • Send the Picture to 7427 (PICS). Refer to your phone’s manual for detailed instructions on sending pictures if needed.
  • Once you log in to your scrapbook, your inbox will show the picture you have sent. You can then make changes using the tools in the scrapbook, or create an album to store the picture.


How often may I change my ringback tones, callers, or both?

You may add or change ringback tones and callers as often as you wish. In addition, you may delete callers or edit your caller information and ringback tone specifications (days and times).

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