Axesstel MV440 Router

Your Axesstel MV440 may need to be updated. Please download the installer and follow the below instructions.

Click Here

1. Save the zip file, AXT SPT V1.2.0.5 to your computer in any folder.
2. Extract all three files
    a. AXT SPT V1.2.0.5 Installer
    b Infouser.axi
3. Run AXT SPT V1.2.0.5 Installer to install the SPT application on computer.
4. Copy the “Infouser.axi” file to C:\Program Files\Axesstel\AxesstelSPT V1.2.0.5
5, Connect MV440 to computer with USB cable and set the selection switch on the front to USB.
6. Run the AxesstelSPT application, when the COM Port state says CONNECTED,  click on “Write” at the bottom of the window.
7. Disconnect MV440 and set the switch from USB back to the port setting.
8. Update is complete.