International Roaming

Traveling internationally with Bluegrass Cellular has just become easier! You now have two options to stay connected while abroad:


1) Use an international non-CDMA device

  • Device: Unnecto Primo - $39.99 (price includes cost of GSM sim card and sales tax)
  • Voice Plan: Use your current Bluegrass Cellular voice plan and even temporarily switch your number!
  • Feature: International Roaming Voice Feature $4.95 per month*
  • Airtime Charges: $0.99 - $2.49 depending on the location of the call
  • Text Messaging: $0.50 - $0.75 per message for both sent and received messages
  • Activation Fee: No Fee

*Rates do not include taxes, surcharges or other fees. You must qualify and be approved to use the Unnecto Primo GSM device and services. Call 1-800-928-CELL (2355) for more information.

All calls are billed in full minute increments with International Directory Assistance calls billed as regular airtime charges. You will need to place the country code in front of the number you are dialing when calling or texting internationally. For a listing of country codes, visit this website. For a listing of international emergency telephone numbers equivalent to 911 in the United States, or for general travel advisories, please consult the U.S. Department of State website.


2) Utilize your own Bluegrass Cellular CDMA-enabled device.*

*Select countries only


The following rates include both GSM and CDMA options:

View Rates by Country
View Rates by Airline
View Rates by Cruise Line


If you are having problems with making or receiving calls, try the following steps:

-Turn Airplane mode on and back off.
-Turn the device off and back on and try again.
-Verify the SIM card is installed properly.
-Check dialing pattern. Unless contacts are saved with the country code, you will need to manually enter the phone number you wish to call.

For iPhone:

- For issues with text messaging, turn off iMessage to ensure texts send when away from WiFi.

Include link to PDFs of collateral.

Trouble Ticket

For assistance while travelling outside of the United States, please call 011-800-928-2355, select option 3, and then option 1 to speak with the International Concierge Service. If you would rather open a ticket and receive a call back, click here to fill out the International Help Form. Please expect a call within 48 hours.