Features and Services

Mobile Gateways

We now offer three different devices to meet our customers’ unique needs for mobile data. These devices are hardened for installations in areas that are subject to extreme weather, shock, vibration and dust. Primarily designed for mobile work fleets (police and fire) and companies that have extreme back-up data requirements, it allows IT departments to have remote access to the modem while in the field. Learn more .

Fleet Tracking

Track time, dates and location data. Set up geo-fencing to ensure drivers stay within a delineated zone. Understand and monitor driver behavior and improve fleet performance. With Fleet Tracking from Bluegrass Cellular, you can save money and time while managing your fleet more effectively than ever.

Bluegrass Phone Trade-In Program

Bluegrass Cellular customers can now trade in their old phones, working or broken, for a credit put onto their accounts. Contact Customer Service at 1-800-928-CELL, dial *611 from your Bluegrass Cellular phone, or stop by your nearest Bluegrass Cellular store to receive a quote for your phone.


Webalo’s easy, fast, affordable enterprise mobility technology has redefined the way in which companies can give employees productivity-enhancing, individualized mobile access to the enterprise data and tasks they rely on. Learn more about Webalo.


MobileIron solutions provide end-to-end security and management for apps, docs, and devices. Learn more about MobileIron.


Netmotion has developed Enterprise Mobility Management software that provides reliable connectivity, visibility and control to wireless data deployments for any organization that relies on its mobile field force. Learn more about Netmotion.

Tep International

Tep allows travelers to access convenient and affordable internet wherever they go – an ideal travel tool for both leisure and business travelers.

    √ Cut all data roaming charges

    √ For smartphones, laptops and tablets

    √ Connects up to 5 devices at once

    √ No bill shocks, no limits, no overages

The connectivity is achieved via the Tep pocket wifi, a handheld device which provides on-the-go wireless internet, powered by leading 3G networks. It works just like any other Wi-Fi hotspot, but it’s personal and fits in your pocket. To learn more about this service, click here.