File An Insurance Claim

Phone lost, damaged or stolen? Need to check claim status? Get all your questions answered and find out everything you need to know about what to do next, including how to quickly file a claim. Start by clicking here.

Add Pay-As-You-Go Airtime

Add airtime to your Bluegrass Cellular Prepaid account now. It’s quick and easy. Just click here to get started. And while you’re here, you can also check your account balance, or add money to other Bluegrass Cellular Prepaid accounts.

Picture Albums

Want to be able to store and print your photos from your phone?  If you have a picture messaging enabled phone and bundle feature on your account, you’ll be able to snap and send your photos to these popular website albums like, and!  These sites have instructions for sending your photos from your phone so that they will appear in your online albums that you create.

How to Use Picture Messaging

Bluegrass Cellular offers an online album where you can send pictures from your phone to short code 7427 and they will appear in your inbox online.  You must register first in order to use the scrapbook.

With Photobucket, you can easily upload photos and video and link to your slideshows and website for easy viewing.  Setting up an account is easy and free! You can get to Photobucket on your phone’s mobile web browser by typing in the url window or by going to our Mobile Info Website, choosing “Social” then “Pics” then “Photobucket” from the menu.

Snapfish is a website that easily allows you to make prints from your photos and order gifts like photo calendars, and more!  You can get to Snapfish on your phone’s mobile web browser by typing in the url window or by going to our Mobile Info Website, choosing “Social” then “Pics” then “Snapfish” from the menu.

Flickr is touted as one of the easiest to use online albums in the world, and allows you to upload photos and video to show off what’s on your phone.  You can sign up easily and free on your computer with a Yahoo! Email account.  Get to Flickr on your phone’s mobile web browser by typing in the url window or by going to our Mobile Info Website, choosing “Social” then “Pics” then “Flickr” from the menu.

*Flickr, Photobucket and Snapfish are not affiliated with Bluegrass Cellular.  For FAQs and troubleshooting on these sites, please visit the album’s website.  To add a picture messaging feature to your account, click here.  Need help? See our Features FAQ’s.

Understanding My Bill

How to read your bill.

To help you understand your first bill, click HERE for more information.

Taxes and Surcharges

The State Tax is a tax paid to the state for the sales of certain goods and services.

The Local Tax is a tax assessed and levied by a local authority such as a county or municipality.

The Gross Receipts Surcharge is a surcharge passed on to customers by their Telecommunications Carriers based on the amount of Gross Receipts taxes that those carriers are required to pay to the state.

Ky Lifeline Support provides a credit to low-income residential customers’ basic telephone service. Fee assigned by state.

E911 Surcharge supports improvements on 911.

Universal Service Fund (USF) helps compensate telephone companies for providing access for services at reasonable and affordable rates throughout the country including rural, insular, and high cost areas, and to public institutions like schools, libraries, and rural health care.  It’s not a tax, but a support charge.  Telecommunication carriers are required to contribute by Federal Law.

Compliance Charge is a recovery fee added to each line of service for postpaid customers.  It will help recover & defray costs of taxes, governmental surcharges, and fees imposed on Bluegrass Cellular, and costs associated with government regulations and mandates on Bluegrass Cellular.  These are Bluegrass Cellular charges, not taxes, and are subject to change.

KY TRS/TAP Fee- Pursuant to the Ky Public Service Commission requirement, the $0.02 per line charge for the Ky Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) fee and the $0.02 per line charge for the Ky Telecommunications Access Program (TAP) fee is a combined charge of $0.04.  This fee supports the telecommunications needs of Ky’s speech-impaired and hearing-impaired citizens. This fee pays for the Relay Operator.

  • Percentages/Rates (per line)
  • State Tax KY– 6%... State Tax IN- 7%
  • Local Tax KY – 3%...Local Tax IN- 1.4%
  • Gross Receipts Surcharge – 1.3%
  • KY Lifeline Support - $0.05 per line per month
  • E911 Surcharge - $0.70 per line per month
  • Universal Service Fund - $1.10% per line per month
  • Compliance Charge - $1.88 per line per month
  • KY TRS/TAP Fee - $0.04 per line per month

For form information, please visit

Why are there so many taxes and fees on my wireless phone bill?

Government-added taxes and surcharges reach as high as 20% of your total monthly bill. Telecom taxes have risen by more than 60% since 1986. Only alcohol and tobacco are taxed more. Wireless bills also include fees for the federal Universal Service Fund to help provide telecommunications services to rural areas and poor Americans, as well as Internet access to schools and libraries. There’s also a compliance charge which is a recovery fee imposed on Bluegrass Cellular through government regulations, KY TRS/TAP fee for the hearing impaired for relay operators, E911 surcharge for improvements in 911 and the Ky Life Line support which provides a credit to low income residential customers.

For any other questions regarding your bill, contact customer service here.

Check Gift Card Balance

Want to view your card balance online?


Community Card (View Balance!)

Your Community Card is a non-denomination gift card can be used to:

  • Pay your bill
  • Purchase phones or accessories
  • Perfect gift
  • Viewable card balance online

Note:  Currently available and redeemable In-store only.
For all questions regarding your gift card, either call the number on the back of your card or contact customer service here.

View and Pay my Bill

Your Payment Options, Expanded

For your convenience, Bluegrass Cellular offers a variety of payment choices to best suit your lifestyle

Online bill payment
To pay online, have your current bill available and go HERE

Enroll in Auto Pay
Never miss a payment again, your monthly bill is automatically paid from your bank account or credit/debit card.
Visit your local Bluegrass Cellular retail location to enroll.

Pay in person
Stop by your local Bluegrass Cellular store.

Automated Pay-By-Phone
Customers have two options to access the system: 
Call 1-800-928-2355 or utilize the following shortcuts from your Bluegrass Cellular device:
  *Must have a credit card on file. Shortcuts only function within the home coverage area.

Pay by mail
Make your payment out to Bluegrass Cellular and mail it with the remittance slip from your monthly statement to:
Bluegrass Cellular Inc.
P.O. Box 740881
Cincinnati, OH 45274

Your Account

Want to view and pay your account online?

E-Billing (Sign up or login!)

eBill Customer Notification:

All eBill customers are required to create a new password for your eBill account. To ensure security, we require that your password meet the following requirements:

  • Must be atleast 6 characters.
  • Must be no more than 30 characters.
  • Must contain a capital letter.
  • Must contain a number.

*Due to security risks with Internet Explorer 8.0, it is no longer supported. Please use the latest version of Internet Explorer or choose a different browser.

If you have questions, please contact Customer Service, or call 1-­800-‐928­‐CELL(2355).


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Pay your bill, add minutes to your Pay-As-You-Go airtime, access your picture scrapbook and use other cool tools to manage your account.

Pay Your eBill

Login below to pay your account balance online, or use one of these other bill pay methods:

Your eCommerce Account

Manage your account to update your plan and features, view devices eligible for an upgrade, and add a line to your plan.

*Due to security risks with Internet Explorer 8.0, it is no longer supported. Please use the latest version of Internet Explorer or choose a different browser.